Jun. 19th, 2005

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Heart's Desire: Think about something you once wanted so badly but never acquired. Write about how you think your life would’ve been different if you had received what your heart desired.

The one thing I wanted more than anything else was my husband Michael to be returned to me when he was killed. The Death Watch Beetle had been calling for him. I knew I had heard it, every Owens woman knows that sound, and when they hear it, they know that the man they love is doomed to die. When it happened. When the Death Watch Bettle stopped ticking, I knew. My heart's desire was that it wasn't true. My life with Michael was everything that I ever wanted, my life was normal I had two beautiful little girls and a husband I loved more than any woman has a right to love a man.

The day of his death, I went over to Aunt Jet's and Aunt Fanny's house. They could help me make sense of it. Why? Why when Michael was the only thing that I had ever wanted. I didn't realize until that momemt that the Aunts had actually cast a spell so that Michael and I would fall in love. I felt betrayed. Was anything that I felt for my husband, now dead, ever real?

In a heated moment, I made my way into the conservatory, I knocked glass tintures onto the floors getting to the Book. The Book was that which the Owens women, all Witches had written down spells, notes, anything to do with the Craft. I remember having seen a spell in there to bring back someone from the dead. I saw it when Mommy and Daddy died, and I didn't understand why the Aunts never used it, and I most certainly did not understand why it would not be applicable now.

"You brought him into my life,"I slammed the Book onto the counter with a resounding thud, "Now you can bring him back. Bring him back!'

The Aunt's faces were pained, but they were steady, unmovable on that subject.

"We can't do that. We don't do that. And even if he did, he would be dark unnatrual, and not your Michael."

No matter how I tried, no matter how much I pleaded with the Aunts to please, please, please bring him back they wouldn't. Michael was dead. There was nothing I nor anyone else could or would do.

Looking back, the one time that my sister Gilly and I tried that very spell on Gilly's boyfriend Jimmy Angelov, it was bad news. We had a hell of a time getting rid of him when he turned into a spirit. He was very much dark and unnatrual. Even when we had actually brought Jimmy back from the dead, and I ended up killing him for the second time. In that instant I realized what it was that the aunts were talking about. It was dark and unnatural and completely uncontrolable. Inwardly, I shuddered to think what would have happened if the Aunts had agreed to my demands.

Sometimes I think it is better not to get your heart's desire - even when everything in you wishes that you could have it.

Muse: Sally Owens
Fandom:Practical Magic
Word Count: 510
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When in your life did you feel the most alone?

The moment when I realized that I had killed Jimmy Angelov the first time. It was bad enough being a widow, but now I realized that I would lose my girls if I had to go to prison for Jimmy's death. Who was going to believe that my poisoning with Belladonna was an accident? In that one moment, I saw my family retreating into some distant otherwhere, from where I was standing I could not reach.

When I killed him the second time, I wasn't thinking about that. Just in survival. I knew at that moment I had my family around me and everything was possible.

Muse: Sally Owens
Fandom: Practical Magic
Word Count:106


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