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I have to be honest when I say that I used to get jealous a whole lot when I was younger. Growing up as a Witch in Crescent Harbor, you get really tired of being different. Being normal has a definite appeal when everyone thinks you and your family has been to blame for every single bad thing that has happened in town. Whether it's bad crops or a blizzard, a cow's milk dries up or someone drowns or just plain bad luck, you and yours are likely to blame. I got jealous of people who could forget who they were. My siser, Gilly, Aunt Jet and Aunt Francis and I, even my girls, Antonia and Kylie, we could never forget who we were. I was always jealous of those who could.

There was a time, however, where I didn't feel jealous of everyone else who wasn't a Witch. It was when I was married to Michael. Everything was so incredibly and blissfully normal. There were no taunts nor jeers, no cries of, "Witch" could be heard in the streets being called out. I sometimes like to think that Michael was my knight in shining armor, and the love that he and I had, and that we had for our daughters, that kept all those four hundred years of ridiculous crap off my doorstep. That is, until he died, then it all came closing in again. Everyone blamed it on the "curse" in our family. I have to admit, at that point I believed it, too.

It took me a while, but I finally came to grips with being who I was so that I no longer felt jealous of those who are not. Oh yeah, Gilly and I tease each other about being jealous of each other, but as every Witch knows, you have to be careful what you are jealous of and what you wish for; you just might get it. And once you do, it might not be as wonderful as you thought.

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Fadom:"Practical Magic"film and original novel by Alice Hoffman
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