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#34 Is there any truth to the saying: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Do you have enemies? Do you have more friends than enemies?

In a little sleepy New England town like Crescent Harbor it's rather hard to keep your friends or enemies anywhere but close. All you have to do is sneeze here, and someone is likely to have heard it a few blocks away. Within the hour, you are coming down with a cold, and by the end of the day, the news of your inevitable demise has made its way completely through the gossip mill.

The Owens' are a family of hereditary Witches, stemming back to our ancestor, [ profile] fannyfae, who was also known as Maria Owens. It is a fact of life that you learn early on being born into such a situation that you really never have any real friends outside of those in your immediate family, the animals and plants and various spirits that seem to stumble in and out of your life as part of the Cycles that are ever-present. And enemies? Those can vary from week to week. No one truly trusts a Witch, but then, no one declares all-out war against the either unless they have a particularly self-destructive streak. But there are always those who for whatever reason are looking for reasons to hate you, to be suspicious of even the simplest of gestures as if you are trying to trick them. I don't know that people are capable of understanding that being a Witch does not naturally make you an enemy. Sometimes it turns out that we are the best kind of allies to have. That's especially true when you have illness in the family or are in need of help.

Muse: Sally Owens
Fandom:Practical Magic, motion picture & novel
Word Count:259
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