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Happily ever after...

That ideal for a Witch or a family of Witches has never been the same as what it is for everybody else. Then again, maybe it is like everybody else's idea of 'happily ever after' is all about. I know for me it includes my daughters, Antonia and Kylie. And it would also include the Aunt's, Jet and Fanny and of course, my sister, Gilly.

For either one of us though, it would be nice to be able to fall in love. For each of us to find someone to blissfuly fall in love with, to be able to wake up next to them and never have to worry about whether or not the Deathwatch Beetle would start it's ticking and marking the days, the hours, and the minutes until the one man that we love falls under the family curse. I thought I gained that with Michael - I was wrong. Gilly thought she got that with Jimmy - boy, was she wrong!

Then came Gary Howlett. He was exactly like the person I described when I worked the spell as a little girl. He would have one green eye, and one blue. He would be unbelievably kind, his favorite shape would be a star, and he could ride a pony backwards. Funny how you don't think when you are young that the wishes that you make can come true. I never thought it could. What I wished for, to my mind, didn't exist. And if such a person didn't exist, then I would never fall in love and I would never die of a broken heart like mama did when daddy died.

I think my happily ever after came true in being proven wrong.

Muse: Sally Owens
Fandom:Practical Magic, motion picture & novel
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Date: 2005-02-15 12:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Tough questions, i would say three things, a miracle happening that i suddenly was very healthy, what more could i ask for, but it would also be being able to forget the past and start a new life without any of those bad memories.
And yes, number three would be running into that one special person to share my life with, good and bad and to get a cuddle (or more) now and then.
Three times is a charm, sofar i've had two (not so special i know now) relationships...


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