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When you are a Witch in a Witch's family, wishes are something you know alot about. If you desire things, you work a spell. Casual wishes, you learn at a very early age, are not something that you do. That old adage of,"be careful what you wish for" you might just get itreally holds true. When you are young you learn very quickly, once you wish for something, or speak of it, you have definitely started the ball rolling toward making that "wish" come to it's fruition.

I remember one time I wished for my cats to follow me all the way to school - and they did! All eight of them! One of them, Magpie, who was the ring leader. He followed me all the way into class and hopped up on my desk and absolutely refused to leave. No amount of telling him to "Shoo!" or entreating him to go back home and take the others with him would work. One of my classmates, Donny Laderham, in his usual bullying way picked up Magpie off my desk and tried to toss him out the second story biology classroom window. Magpie panicked and ran past Donny and somehow managed to catch his very furry tail on fire! Magpie was yowling, the other kids were screaming, the teacher was shouting and in my anger I turned on Donny and before thinking said,"I really wish you would learn to know what it feels like!"

A week later Donny was playing with friends with gasoline and some babyfood jars in an alley when one landed behind him and caught his pants on fire. He got his backside singed pretty handily and had to stay home another couple of weeks from school because he couldn't sit down. After that everyone at school blamed me for the incident - just like they have blamed all we Owens women for every other thing in this town that goes wrong or is somewhat awry.

Muse:Sally Owens
Fandom:'Practical Magic' / Motion Picture & Novel
Word Count: 328
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