Sep. 4th, 2005 10:43 pm
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Have you ever experienced something you couldn't explain? Write down your brushes with the mysterious.

That all really depends on what you are open to, doesn't it? I mean, we Owens women always have been surrounded by what most folks would consider "mysterious", since we are Witches and all. Of course Nature is full of Mystery. The question is whether or not we can attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of Life and work with it. The real mystery to me is how people can treat those things like they are supernatural.

The only supernatural thing I ever saw was when against Aunt Jet's and Aunt Fanny's admonition, I let Gilly talk me into doing that spell to bring Jimmy Angelov back from the grave. Hell, I didn't want to go to prison! We had a situation and we handled it. Never mind that we handled it badly and it ended up being an incredible mess. Jimmy ended up showing his influence in the midnight margaritas, the endless bottle of tequila, no matter how much we drank, it never emptied. It didn't stop till I broke the thing in the sink, and then the spell was broken.

Then there was the rosebush, and the boots of Jimmy's that kept coming up out of the ground. In the end Gillian ended up getting possessed by Jimmy and we had to drive him out. Thank goodness I had Aunt Jet and Aunt Fanny and the women of Crescent Harbor to help out, otherwise the Mystery would have gone unsolved and I would have lost my sister.

The real and most powerful Mystery of all was the power of love. It was the power of love that reached back through time to heal the broken heart of Maria Owens, our ancestor who placed the family curse on the Owens women. It was the power of love that brought Gillian back from the brink of death where Jimmy's restless spirit held her. It's the Mystery of love and the power of that which kept us all going.

Muse:Sally Owens
Fandom: “Practical Magic” / film and novel by Alice Hoffman
Word Count: 344
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