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Growing up in this small New England town you get to know everyone, and fortunately or unfortuantely, everyone gets to know you. For over four hundred years the name of Owens has had a sort of infamy here. It started with my ancestor, Maria, and continued on to this day. The aunts, Gilly and I and my girls have all had to deal with it. When my husband Michael was killed, I thought to myself, who was I trying to kid? Maybe if I had been better at being 'normal', he'd still be alive. Maybe if I were a stronger Witch, I could have countermanded what the Aunts said and worked the spell to bring Michael back. I was so upset I didn't speak again for a whole year - not to anyone.

Then Gillian got involved with Jimmy Angelov and I had to bring my sister back from a bad situation. Little did I suspect when trying to pull Gillian out of that situation it woudl take a turn for the worse. Whether it was the belladonna that we put in his tequila, or the pounding I gave Jimmy, it was me who ended up killing him....twice.

So Gillian and I did the spell and brought Jimmy back, only to have to hit him with a frying pan and kill him again. We thought burying him would do it, but no. He kept haunting us from the spirit world. I had to overcome the self doubt of actually being what I was, a Witch...and being true to myself, which was something I don't think I had ever done before. In spite of what my eyes, and my heart and experience were telling me, I put myself out there and I took a chance. If I failed, I would have lost my sister Gillian to Jimmy's spirit as he drug her toward the world of Shadow.

I succeeded. I overcame every bit of self doubt that day, and I found out that even a Witch can win if she has the power of love on her side.

Muse: Sally Owens
Famdom: Practical Magic, novel and movie
Word Count:348
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