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We're all just walking in this world, or between worlds of one kind or another. In all of that there are a few things that I know are mine. I know that I am my own person, as much as anyone can be, I guess. The hardest part of all is learning to be true to yourself. I have my daughters, Kylie and Antonia,Aunts, Jet and Fanny and probably the closest friendship / sister-relationship anyone could ever wish for with my sister, Gillian. Those things serve as my foundation, they are the constants that keep me grounded.

That is if you could ever call anything about Gilly grounded at all! *laughs* She has a spirit of adventure that I have always lacked. If Ihad half of her spontineity, I think my life would be a whole lot different than what it is now. Of course, I am pretty certain my taste in men would be much better than hers, no offense. She has the absolute worst taste in men! Seriously, though. I had the love of a really great guy, and he gave me two beautiful daughters. I will miss Michael like hell every single day, I know that. But I know that I will always have that love no matter what.

Muse:Sally Owens
Fandom:'Practical Magic' / Motion Picture & Novel
Word Count: 212
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